Great news, people: Dario Argento’s INFERNO is coming to BD in the UK on August 2, and will be uncut for the first time in this country.

Originally announced with the usual BBFC-mandated five seconds of cuts to a scene of a cat eating a mouse (I hope that dastardly cat was charged with animal cruelty), the news sparked something of an internet outcry and some decidedly mixed feelings for many about purchasing what would essentially be an incomplete product. Reacting to the outcry, distributor Arrow Films took the matter to the BBFC and managed to do the unthinkable:

Arrow have asked me to pass on their sincere and warmest thanks to everyone on here who took the time to write to the BBFC.

Against expectations we now have the following ruling:

“we’ve now waived the proposed cut and passed INFERNO ‘18’ uncut with all previous cuts waived”

Is that not the most unbelievable thing ever? I’m so used to railing against the actions of censorship bodies that when one of them make a decision I actually APPROVE of, I’m at something of a loss for words. I would suggest that everyone who is happy about this decision emails the BBFC at to thank them for making the right choice. It’s also worth emailing Arrow Films at to thank them for standing up to the BBFC’s initial decision in the first place instead of simply accepting it, as many other labels would no doubt have done. I will be contacting both myself to let them know my appreciation.


The image above shows the cover art and contents (of the DVD release - I couldn’t find any for the BD version). As with the Arrow releases of DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD, this release of INFERNO contains multiple reversible covers, postcards, a booklet and a poster.

The official run-down of the bonus features is as follows:


- Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned art work

- Double-sided fold out Poster

- Collector’s Booklet featuring brand new writing on Inferno by Alan Jones, author of Profondo Argento

- High Definition Presentation of the film (1080p)

- Optional 7.1 DTS-HD/2.0 Stereo Audio


- Introduction to Inferno by star Daria Nicolodi

- Dario’s Inferno (16 mins interview with Dario Argento)

- Acting in Hot Water: An Interview with Daria Nicolodi (18 mins interview)

- The Other Mother: Making the Black Cat (16 mins) In 1989 director Luigi Cozzi (a long time friend and collaborator of Dario Argento) decided to make the unofficial follow-up to Inferno and ‘complete’ the Three Mothers legacy. This feature looks at the torrid history of The Black Cat, with plenty of clips too!

- Dario Argento: An Eye for Horror (57 mins) Mark Kermode narrates this documentary on Argento’s career including interviews with George A. Romero and John Carpenter

- The Complete Dario Argento Trailer Gallery [18 films]

- Easter Egg (5 mins of Dario Argento in English, with random memories of Inferno)

It’s worth pointing out that German label Camera Obscura is also releasing INFERNO on BD later this year, with a completely different set of extras, among them a commentary by critics Christian Kessler and Marcus Stiglegger. These specs as per frequent Land of Whimsy reader Bobafett:

It will be a special edition consisting of a Blu-ray disc and a DVD holding the bonus features.

Audio options will consist of German, English and Italian with optional German and English subtitles.

The bonus will consist of:

- Audio commentary by German film critics Christian Keßler and Marcus Stiglegger (probably subtitled in English as well, at least that was the case with their last Italian genre release on DVD)

- 80-minute documentary about Inferno, containing new, exclusive interviews with Daria Nicolodi, cinematographer Romano Albani, Luigi Cozzi and film critics Antonio Bruschini and Antonio Tentori. They are planning to film further interviews for it this week, maybe even with Argento himself (personally I wouldn’t count on it though).

- A tour through the locations used in the film

- German, Italian, English trailers

- Gallery

- Booklet

Their transfer will be based on the current Italian HD master. It is unclear if the color palette will look exactly identical to the Italian DVD or not.

Prior to the BBFC’s decision to waive the cuts, I was only going to buy the German release, but now, INFERNO fan that I am, I’m tempted to actually pick up both.