Guild Wars 2

Great in-game footage over at Gamespot of a tutorial area, which looks more action-packed and filled with impressive pyrotechnics than the endgame content of a lot of titles I could mention.

It looks very much like are intent on retaining the hallmarks of the original GUILD WARS - free online play, lack of grinding, distinctive art style, MAGIC: THE GATHERING inspired “card” system for magical abilities - while expanding the world and making it more free-form and persistent. GUILD WARS is the only MMO I’ve ever really enjoyed, and if you read their design manifesto, it’s pretty clear that they’re intent on turning the genre on its head and doing something truly inventive rather than just ushering out another WORLD OF WARCRAFT clone. If they can do this while retaining what made the original so distinctive and appealing, they really should be on to a winner.