Disney fail

Sunday 10 October, 2010 21:53

So I’m watching BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on BD, having a great time… I get to the end of the film, the final scene fades out… and then THIS appears on the screen:

Disney fail

Um… no. Disney, you don’t DO that! It’s not cute, it’s not clever, it’s a completely obnoxious interruption to my viewing, and the worst part is there’s no way of turning this “feature” off. I’m guessing not many casual viewers stick around to watch them, but the credits are part of the movie, and overlaying them with a pop-up menu telling you to watch a featurette (which isn’t even on the BD - you have to swap discs before watching it) takes you straight out of the experience.

I fear this is a slippery slope down the path to shrinking the credits into a tiny window, TV style, so they can hawk their next product to you. It reminds me a lot of seeing TREASURE PLANET at the Glasgow Science Centre’s IMAX cinema, where as soon as the first credit appeared on the screen, the lights immediately went up, the sound dipped and a nasally Scottish twang informed us that we’d just seen TREASURE PLANET. No shit, Sherlock.