As I’ve mentioned previously, back in July I started working for Arrow Video, performing a number of roles, including editing, producing and QC (quality control) work.

Given that I’m now actively involved with the creation of the sort of content this site has focused on reviewing, the potential conflict of interest inherent in this situation should be obvious. As a result, moving forward, I probably won’t be doing any in-depth reviews or BD Impressions-style pieces any more. That said, I hope to still provide something of a service for those looking to find out how the latest discs stack up. Any future posts on BD releases will therefore most likely be in the form of my BluCaps pieces: i.e. I’ll be providing screen captures of releases that I think are noteworthy, but without comment. People will then be free to post their own thoughts in the comments section.

Hopefully people will understand my reasoning behind this decision. Admittedly, the site hasn’t seen much activity for some time now (barring the occasional brief spurt), so perhaps the lack of written content won’t be that much of a blow. Still, it’s too bad — time-consuming though they were, I liked writing those detailed review pieces.

Ah well — the beat goes on.