It’s been a bit quiet on the Land of Whimsy front lately, and I can’t promise that this will change any time soon. With Christmas just around the corner, however, I’ll have a few days to myself, so hopefully I’ll at least be able to put up a couple more BluCaps pieces.

I’ve been working for Arrow Video for just under five months now. So far, the work has proven to be varied, challenging, occasionally monotonous (it doesn’t matter how much you love a film — watching it ten times over the course of a single weekend gets a bit wearing, particularly when sleep becomes a luxury that the deadlines just can’t afford), but always rewarding. I’ve QC’d (quality control) over a dozen titles, edited a number of menu loops and interviews, written and narrated a total of five visual essays (the last two of which I edited as well), and January will see the release of the first project I oversaw as producer, NIKKATSU DIAMOND GUYS VOLUME 1. I’ve got a number of other producorial jobs in the pipeline, none of which have been announced yet… though you can probably figure out from the title that there will also be a NIKKATSU DIAMOND GUYS VOLUME 2.

What's new, Scooby-Doo?

The most recent announcement to which I’ve contributed, and one that I’ve been super-excited about ever since it started out as a “possibly” title back in March, is DEATH WALKS TWICE, a box set containing the late Luciano Ercoli’s two gialli headlining his wife, the inimitable Nieves Navarro (a.k.a. Susan Scott) — DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS and DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT. In addition to menu loop editing duties, I’ve made my own contribution to the impressive line-up of bonus features (including articles by my amigos Leonard Jacobs and Troy Howarth) in the form of the visual essay “Desperately Seeking Susan”, in which I gush about the aforementioned Ms. Navarro for approximately 30 minutes. I recently got a chance to look at the final masters for both films, and both are looking mighty fine (particularly HIGH HEELS).

There’ll be more announcements in the new year that bear the name of yours truly. For now, head over to HMV and snag one of the last remaining copies of the upcoming 4k-mastered re-release of DEEP RED. I didn’t pull two consecutive all-nighters on that thing for nothing!

Oh, and for those who are interested (and can tolerate me tooting my own horn shamelessly), I’ve set up a page on this site listing my Arrow contributions to date.