No, this is not a drill. Land of Whimsy is back, with an all new and improved design and (hopefully) a renewed commitment on my part to actually update the damn thing every once in a while.

So where have I been? In short, away being busy. Since I last posted, just under eleven months ago, I’ve overseen a whole bunch more Blu-ray releases for Arrow and contributed, in one way or another, to dozens more for various labels, including Arrow, Eureka, Signal One Entertainment and Synapse Films. In terms of these, the latter’s superb (and I would argue definitive) release of Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA, for which I wrote, narrated and edited a video essay, “Do You Know Anything About Witches?”, was unquestionably the highlight. But in terms of my own projects, the past year has seen me overseeing new releases of no less than three films from my personal all-time Top 20: THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL and DEEP RED. The Blu-ray and DVD production page has been updated and lists everything I’ve worked on up to the end of December 2018.

Some of my recent projects

So, needless to say, my life has changed quite considerably since the glory years of this site, when I posted image comparisons, reviews and critiques of DVD and Blu-ray releases. Being on the other side of the fence now, it’s no longer - shall we say “ethical”? - for me to carry on as before, given that I would be critiquing the work of companies that are now direct competitors. For a while, I did post image-only galleries of recent releases that caught my attention (or that I’d worked on), and I’d quite like to get back into the swing of doing that, but I’m not sure how much interest there is in that sort of a “service”.

What I DO intend to do, going forward, is to make much more use of the site as a means to alert people to titles I’m working on. New Arrow Video releases are typically announced on the last Friday of the month, and it’s unusual for me to not have at least one title I’m producing per announcement (though Sod’s law means that February 2018 was the exception to that rule), so going forward there should be at least one new post per month - and hopefully more. I know I’ll never get back to making multiple posts per day as I used to, but for better or worse (better, as far as my bank balance is concerned), things have moved on and I’m much busier now than I once was. I’ve also written a novel which will be coming out in one form or another before the year is out, so I encourage you to head over to my author website and read a sample of the prologue and first three chapters.

So take a look round the new site and let me know what you think, or if you run into any bugs. A couple of sections have been dropped or merged with others, but pretty much everything of any value has been carried over, and a couple of pages are now much more user-friendly (Blu-ray and DVD production and Image comparisons to name but two). A bunch of the older blog posts are going to look a little wonky in the new design, but over the coming days I’ll be going back through them and adding additional CSS code to fix any seriously show-stopping goofs. The entire site now uses the Material Design for Bootstrap framework, which in theory should have made everything a whole lot easier and more consistent to code at my end… though given my anal-retentive nature, I ended up doing a serious amount of customisation, so it probably took as long to put the design together as it would have to have designed it from scratch myself. (Though it DID result in far fewer headaches when it came to figuring out things like responsive design breakpoints.)

Happy browsing, and apologies once again for the prolonged silence!