It’s been really tough to keep this under wraps (though a few of you, including my valiant beta readers, were let on on the secret last week), but the good news is finally out: I’ve been signed by Bloodhound Books, who will be publishing my first novel, KELVINGROVE PARK, in August 2018.

A massive, massive thanks to Betsy Freeman Reavley and her team for taking a chance with this previously unpublished scribbler. I can’t wait for you all to get the opportunity to get your hands on it when it comes out later this year!

In the meantime, check out my author website and read my bio at Bloodhound Books.

PS. For those who are wondering why I’m going by “M. R. Mackenzie” as opposed to “Michael Mackenzie”, psychological thrillers, which is essentially what KELVINGROVE PARK is (though personally I prefer “blood-soaked Scottish giallo”), particularly those with female protagonists, tend to sell better when the author isn’t obviously identifiable as male. At least, so I’ve been told by people who know what they’re talking about!