It’s finally here! In the Silence, my debut novel, goes on general sale today in both paperback and eBook formats. This is a story that originally began a decade ago, with a feature film screenplay with a working title of Giallo in Winter, which I dashed out over an intense two-week period, writing straight ahead with only the vaguest feeling of my ultimate destination. Along the way, the concept has metamorphisised into something very different, but the core of that script — a murder-mystery thriller set in Glasgow at Christmastime, featuring a series of violent murders sparked off by a decade-old unspeakable trauma — has remained intact.

It’s difficult to adequately convey with words just what a momentous occasion this is for me. I often have to remind myself that I’m not imagining things, that this really is happening. I can’t thank the people at Bloodhound Books enough for taking a chance on me, or my editor, Ben Adam, whose guidance was instrumental in finessing the final draft. Thanks also to everyone involved in the blog tour, and everyone who’s read the book and published a review.

Yes, it actually exists as a real, physical thing!

Yes, it actually exists as a real, physical thing!

Where can I get a copy?

You can order In the Silence right now in both paperback and eBook (Kindle) formats from Amazon. Follow the links below to buy them from the relevant Amazon website in your locality:

If, for whatever reason, Amazon isn’t your thing, the following retailers are also stocking the paperback version:




If you spot it available anywhere else, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Where can I read reviews?

The following bloggers are kindly featuring In the Silence on their sites over the next few days.

10th September

11th September

12th September

A massive, massive thank you to everyone taking part. As the reviews go live, I’ll update these listings with direct links to the reviews.

And, of course, you can also read reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Netgalley.