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Profondo Rosso

Profondo Rosso

Italy: Dario Argento, 1975

Well, it took a little longer to get another commentary up and running than I would have liked (over a year, to be precise), but I'm very happy with this one, and think it's much better than its predecessor. On this track, I talk about everything from Jung to Michelangelo Antonioni to being scalded by espresso machines!

Once again, the commentary is split into two halves, to make it easier for people who want to burn audio CDs and not have to wrangle with chopping it in two to fit the 80-minute time limit themselves. Each half is accompanied by a "beep" sound to allow you to synchronise the track with the film. For Part 1, synchronise the beep with the first credit appearing on the screen; for Part 2, synchronise it with the first shot inside the police station (01:11:20 on the Anchor Bay DVD).

I would recommend running the film at a low level of volume in the background when you listen to this commentary.

  • NTSC version
    (use this version if you have the US Anchor Bay or Italian Medusa Film release)
    Part One (24.2 MB, MP3 format)
    Part Two (18.7 MB, MP3 format)
  • PAL version
    (use this version if you have the UK Platinum Media release)
    Part One (23.2 MB, MP3 format)
    Part Two (17.9 MB, MP3 format)

If you don't have one of the three versions listed above, you may have to try pot luck. Broadly speaking, if the running time of your copy is around 126 minutes, use the NTSC version; if it's closer to 122 minutes, go for PAL. Also, bear in mind that this commentary was intended to be listened to in conjunction with the full-length uncut version of the film rather than the shorter English export version.

Warning: this track contains spoilers for The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Strip Nude For Your Killer! If you've not seen the former, you may wish to do so before listening to this track. If you've not seen the latter... well... don't bother.




Italy: Dario Argento, 1977

My first commentary, this was very much a learning experience for me, and although there are a number of moments that don't work quite as I planned, I am overall quite happy with the results. The version used, unsurprisingly, is the full 98-minute uncut version (94 minutes for PAL releases). The commentary is split into two sections, so that those who wish to burn audio CDs of the tracks will not have to split the commentary themselves.

I would recommend running the film at a low level of volume in the background when you listen to this commentary. The audio files themselves contain full instructions on how to synchronize the commentary with the film.

This track has a rather stilted feel to it, mainly because most of it was pre-written with very little deviation from the initial script. I hope to make my future commentaries more spontaneous.

Coming Attractions

It's been a while since I recorded my last commentary. I'd very much like to do another at some point in the future, but other commitments (my PhD and my job, to name but two) have prevented me from getting round to it. I'm not a particularly spontaneous guy, so I need to prepare extensively in advance. These things take time, and time is not something I've had a lot of recently. (Oh, for the days when I was an unemployed layabout.) If the opportunity to do another track presents itself, you'll be the first to know.


This section features audio commentaries that I have recorded for various films. Wherever possible, I will attempt to include separate versions that correspond to PAL and NTSC running times. Unless specified otherwise, I am using the full uncut version of each film.